Hi, I am Johannes Wimmer - german composer, music producer, music engineer and sound designer.

Despite my work as an artist, I am working as a freelancer in my own music studio in Berlin - Holly Temper Records.

After 9 years in music major business I know what's new, what's interesting, what kind of music opens up to the bigger league.

Always curious, willing, precise and of course with the kind of enthusiasm and dedication you've probably been searching for a long time!

© Igor Miske


It´s all about the vibes around you, while creating something new! ​ 

I want my clients to feel comfortable and energised while working and creating in a truly beautiful environment - a spacious room with high ceilings and bright day light from morning till dawn in an old brick building, 5 minutes away from Spree river. 

A great sounding place with all the instruments and technical gear you need to be creative. The perfect place to dip deep into music production and mixing, but also taking time to rest after a long day of work. 

Feel free to stop by for a coffee & talk!

© Igor Miske
© Igor Miske